2) explain expansion slots and cards

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IBM PC and descendants edit IBM introduced what would retroactively be called the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) bus with the IBM PC in 1981; it was then called the PC bus.
The CardBus expansion card standard is an evolution of the PC card standard to make it into a compact version of the PCI bus.I have provided links down below.We'll show you how to remove a card and how to install a card safely.The PCI standard supports bus bridging: as many as ten daisy chained PCI buses have been tested.The standard (now at version.0) is found on PC motherboards to this day.An expansion bus is a computer bus which moves information between the internal hardware of a computer system (including the.
PCI video cards and other cards that contain a bios are problematic, although video cards conforming to vesa Standards may be used for secondary monitors.

PC/104(-Plus) or Mini PCI are often added for expansion on small form factor boards such as Mini-ITX.(There is a "low profile PCI card" standard 6 that specifies a much smaller bracket and board area).The Magma 16 Slot PCIe to PCI-X expansion system provides a migration path to PCI Express while protecting your PCI(x) hardware investment.Assign an IRQ to the card.Daughterboards often have only internal connections within a computer or other electronic devices, and usually access the motherboard directly rather than through a computer bus.AGP devices are logically attached to the PCI bus over a PCI-to-PCI bridge.