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40 "The Mannequin and the Police" "Ningy to juego de tragamonedas viejos Keikan" extremely rigid police officer becomes obsessed with the welfare of a statue in the likeness of a patrol officer and begins taking care of it when a group of thugs that held a vendetta against him.
30 "The Operation at the Thunderstorm" "Raiun no Naka no Ope" There is a massive strike of Doctors in a hospital, where a little kid asks a doctor to cure his father but due to the strike the doctor refuses.
Stein also dies of a curious disease called "Phoenix disease" after revealing to Black Jack that it was him who urged.
The Antiserum is made free to anyone in need and is named Honma Antiserum, in honour.When Tom finally arrives, Jun learns that he is the young, blind inheritor of a large company.George was living in but gets shot at by the doctor's daughter mistaking Black Jack to be her brother.Upon finding out that Black Jack is Hazama Kagemitsu's son he reveals that he was an apprentice.The order to kill Black Jack is called off for now by the head of the organisation.Black Jack treats him, but says he is malnourished and needs to be seen in a hospital.He states he has seen patients far worse than her including Pinoko who struggled so much to live.Will they find out each other's secrets?42 "Life's Wrong Diagnosis" "Jinsei no Goshin" 5 September 2005 A doctor who was in the same medical school as Black Jack.Black Jack, concerned with Pinoco's safety requests Sharaku's father to send her back to Japan with Sharaku that devastates Pinoco.But after claiming to be responsible for the dirty play, Aritani is thrown in front of a train in an assassination attempt disguised as a suicide.Black Jack, who had encountered the officer before after being accused of running a red light, saves the officers life, and later has the statue repaired.Inevitably, Largo takes a necklace the doctor received as payment, forcing Black Jack and Pinoko leave the house.The head doctor and Black Jack have been invited to a wedding.People had been cooped up for days, riding out the storm, and Black Jack is sure that a flurry of human misery, or as he likes to call it - rent money is on its way.Assuring the tumor he only intends to remove her, not to kill her, he's permitted to continue the operation, putting the contents in a culture for it to live.
The detective desperately wanted to catch Tetsu red-handed, but during a chase, Tetsu is injured in an accident involving sheet glass and loses two fingers.

When Tom is about to visit, Jun asks Black Jack to heal his weak heart.Doctors, nurses and even his own mother has been acting strangely around him.White are forced to try and save the lives of the injured and safely land the damaged Sky Hospital.Finally Black Jack Pinoko return with their friends after dealing with the most dangerous "enemy" yet.51 "The Infamous Acupuncturist" "Uwasa no Zatishi" 28 November 2005 Biwamaru, an acupuncturist, heals people with his needle for no payment, even curing a few of Black Jack's patients, much to the doctor's disgruntlement.He insisted on being the one to renovate the house into the clinic that Black Jack desired, but ended up becoming the first patient due to leukemia, which at that time was still largely untreatable.His injury was so severe that Gerra could never laugh again.Stein, a major leading expert on prosthetic limbs and organ transplants.She goes with him to help him, and they begin a long journey on foot to find his family.18 "Mail Friends" "Mru no Yj" lthough Jun is in wheelchair, he tells his Internet friend Tom he can play baseball.
Intrigued by the 'curse' and how developed the tumor is, BJ agrees to operate but finds himself at the point of his own scalpel as a voice screams not to cut.
He is then saved by Black Jack and all the villagers who donate blood to save him.