blackjack game 2012

someone20 2010.08.21 Sexy girl, but the game is bit too long.
Zmínka o pravidlech je velmi dleitá!
Drgorgo 2010.10.17 Sucks that you have to re-enter your bet each time.
Game lacked sound or any video, either would be nice.I like when the girls juegos online dinero real 2013 make sounds.Pouívejte skutené poty, vherní ruce a kontrolujte zbvající balíky.Toto je velmi dobrá cesta, jak se nauit nevhodné karetní kombinace jako jsou napíklad Q,.V tomto pípad musíte poet balík pesn odhadnout.But the girl is hot!I really feel that this aspect needs to be fixed.Ricoh124 2010.07.26 Good game, small betting not worth bothering with.
But she is hot!
Being jugar juegos de casino tragamonedas online gratis faraon that winning was based on hands won and not amount won.

Lolzak 2010.12.29 like the graphics and a little game of strip blackjack is always good R_bOnEz 2010.12.28 i love playing blackjack an poker, this game is fantastic hope to see more plp3333 2010.12.27 it good but not excellent ron79 2010.12.27 Interesting game, nice graphics JeanMarc.Berte to spíe jako vchozí bod k tomu, jak zaít s poítáním karet v blackjacku.Nicmén pokud bychom hodily touto mincí 500000, je daleko pravdpodobnjí, e rub padne velmi blízko 50 procentm pípad, dejme tomu e íslo bude asi kolem 0,4977.We can see all of Pictures even wendont win the game!Arbaal 2011.05.28 Nice game.Katz591 2011.05.27 lovely pics and a brillant game tommi77 2011.05.26 realy pretty girl, and she has lot of luck Hektor115 2011.05.23 Nice game.QTPi 2010.08.04 good game, not too hard for those who dont know their card games, yet it gives a challenge, love it and the pics sicnarfj 2010.08.04 Great game, pretty great graphics as well Doffer 2010.08.04 Nice game, loved the girld.Hassan6666 2010.08.23 the choice of the lady is very nice too.Stepan23da 2011.09.03 i think speed of game must be higher but girl is cool mattyowen2121 2011.09.03 a great game with a hot woman deaconblues3 2011.09.02 Not bad, shes really hot.Malir 2011.02.18 Very nice game, although it seems that amount of money doesnt really matters.A715jjr5 2013.02.07 she is hot but it does take a long time to win - will keep playing though since she is so hot Gordn3 2013.01.26 Good game, challenging nice animation.
Jedna vc o single decku: u této varianty hry vdy pouívejte skutené poítání, ne jen letmé poty, a pozitivní i nebo negativní, vdy kdy zbvá mén ne cel balíek.
I like it very much.