is insurance a good bet in blackjack

But the reality is that insurance is merely a wager on the dealer having a natural blackjack.
Most players mistakenly assume that insurance is meant to protect their hand in the event that the dealer has a blackjack.
Doesnt it make sense to insure a good hand? .
If the dealer has a 10, and therefore a blackjack, you win the insurance bet, but lose your regular bet. .It helps to think of the insurance bet like homeowners insurance. .All I ask is that you hurry. .We know from strictly a statistical perspective that insurance is a bad bet.Now, let us assume that the dealer didnt have a natural blackjack; in this instance, you automatically lose the 5 insurance wager; however, you still have a chance to win the original 10 wager if your hand beats the dealers.This, of course sounds like a no-brainer to a lot of blackjack players, but I only say this, because I have actually seen blackjack players refuse to take insurance, even though the blackjack dealer showed the blackjack player that the house had a blackjack, but.Whether you win or lose depends on the dealers hole card. .When this does happen, and the player has taken the full amount of the insurance, they will end the round without losing any money.
You are basically telling ruleta juego casino secretos me that insurance is a suckers bet, arent you.
Taking a 10 insurance bet every time it is offered will cost about.60 an hour. .

We found that it works just as well (you actually win faster playing online) against online casinos as it does against real casinos.At 80 hands an hour, this happens about six times an hour. .When you bet insurance, usually you will place an additional bet that is equal to half of your original bet.It really makes no difference to your net winnings.Winning with blackjack ordinarily pays out 3:2, so by placing an insurance bet you can break even when the dealer has blackjack and, even though you'll lose your insurance bet if the dealer doesn't have blackjack you'll still win even money for your blackjack.This is a net gain for the house of 10,.7 percent.And, I would argue that net winnings or net profits are the main consideration in every blackjack decision.You got it Phil. .It just pays you (or your beneficiary if the worst happens). .The blackjack hand dealt to the player is played out, no matter whether they took the insurance bet or not.In this case, if I took a 10 insurance bet at every opportunity, I would lose eight of my 13 bets for a loss. .
In reality, the player is simply betting on whether they think the dealer will have a blackjack hand or not.