jack white vs jack black kirby

In fact, FF 55 seems designed to show the opposite - Reed and Sue barely feature, and when Stan said to out them in crisis, Jack did the opposite: he drew them as ridiculously calm and happy.
Kirby created Marvel comics.
And so it goes.
Creative freedom: he let his artists add far more to the story, bringing out their best (at least before merchandising became profitable and forced the stories to stop changing).He had monsters who can dig through solid rock!After all, Stan was intimately involved with every stage of production.Will Eisner ; and the Fantagraphics-managed, harvey Award, named for Harvey Kurtzman.This suggests a battle.But Stan Lee's name and likeness are far more prominent in general publicity.Archived from the original on June 24, 2013.San Diego Comic-Con, with Jack Kirby himself on hand to congratulate the winners.Stan raised the profile of artists and writers, and tirelessly built an audience of millions.I dont think Jack ever wanted the editorial position; if he wanted credit, he deserved credit.Let's look at Darth Vader for example.
The distributors would not be happy.
T'Challa was being defined by his skin color.

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Or at least as far as he could: Stan was the boss so Jack couldn't ignore it completely).But Lee can't have a hero doing that, so his dialog says that the Mole Man destroyed his own base, so ending the threat (which confuses readers, as clearly he would get away first: whereas blowing him up, as the art suggests, would have stopped.Laughter Jack would say, Stanley, I think Ive got an idea.Why they would think Stan would try to make him look bad in print is beyond me; but from that time onwhich is very close to when I started there in the middle 60swhen the Herald-Tribune article came out, there were very strained relations, and.Here we have two "black panther" characters, and the only difference is that one is entirely by Stan Lee and the other is by Stan Lee with Jack Kirby.One time I was in Stans office and I told him, I dont have another plot.The death star is like Apokolips with its fire pits, this Darth Vader scene in Empire is almost identical to an unforgettable FF scene from 1974 (based on an earlier Kirby scene and.Emotional touches such as the noble deaths: Stan knows what sells and what connects with readers.He deserves his millions of dollars, his fame and his endless fans.
They were the same as my plotting sessions and the same as Gene Colans and Herb Trimpes and John Buscema.
You might be a dope.