pci expansion slots you use

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This is the newest version for such slots, and it has overtaken previous versions like AGP and PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) slots.
Forget about built in sound.An opening in a computer where a circuit board can be inserted to add new capabilities to the computer.All motherboards come equipped with tools that help in sound production, graphics quality, wired and wireless networking and video production, there are many people who like to attach additional devices and cards that can improve the performance of their machines.Vesa Slots, vESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, and these slots were present at the same time as ISA slots.Anyways, at its zenith, the PCI bus could handle 133 MB/s.That is enough for even todays sound and network cards if you only have one.
PCI-X, pDS (Processor Direct Slot expansion slots on motherboards are the norm today, and no manufacturer can even think of releasing a motherboard with no slots at all.

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PCI Slots, pCI is the older standard of PCIe slots, and all machines and motherboards were manufactured with these slots ever since their development by Intel in 2003.A larger slotted 64-bit version of PCI never got that popular for a pair of reasons.The Little Slot That Could, if you have opened a computer since the mid-nineties, youve seen a Peripheral Component Interconnect slot (pictured at right).These slots have been popular for many years now, but they have slowly been phased out in favor of PCI Express slots, which offer faster bandwidth and greater compatibility with other kinds of cards as well.These slots are more commonly found in desktops, since the CPU unit has the space to house many such slots.On the other hand, laptops rarely have many slots on their sides, and only house slots which can help the user connect some basic peripherals.
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