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Model Name, aRC-1110, aRC-1120, aRC-1130, aRC-1160, host Bus Type.
It works as a pci to sata ii controller also.
It can be consider a pci to sata adapter or sata pc card.An ECC or non-ECC sdram module using X8 or X16 chip organizatoin (12/16/24-port) Write-through or write-back cache support Support up to 4/8/12/16/24 sata II drives Multi-adapter support for large storage requirements bios boot support for greater fault tolerance Battery Backup Module (BBM) ready ARC-6120BA-T1xx,.The ARC-1110 4-port pci-x sata raid controller.The arc-1110 is a sata iii controller card which can work as a 4 port pci card, 4 port sata card.Why was I sent here?On.3.72W max.It is used the same raid kernel of its field-proven external raid controller.RoHS Compliant raid Features raid level 0, 1, 1E, 3, 5, 6 and jbod Multiple raid selection Array roaming Online raid level/stripe size migration Online raid capacity expansion and raid level migration simultaneously Instant availability and background initialization Automatic drive insertion/removal detection and rebuild Greater.OCZ DigitalSeagatesntstardomSuper Digital Manufacturer Info Share Product.Intel IOP331 processor has integrated the raid 6 engine inside.PCI-X 64bit/133MHz, rAID 6 Support, yES, yES, yES, cache Memory One sodimm One sodimm One sodimm Drives Support 12*sata ll 16*sata ll 24*sata ll Adapter Architecture Intel IOP331 PCI-X 64bit/133MHz 256MB on-board DDR333 sdram with ECC protection (4/8-port) One sodimm socket with default 256MB.PCI-X 64bit/133MHz, rAID 6 Support, yES, yES, yES, yES, cache Memory 256MB 256MB, one sodimm, one sodimm, drives Support 4*sata ll 8*sata ll 12*sata ll 16*sata.When properly como ganar dinero jugando juegos futbol configured, the sata host adapter can provide non-stop service with a high degree of fault tolerance through the use of raid technology and advanced array management features.Areca PCI-X raid Card Comparison.
Mounting Bracket: Regular HeightLow ProfileBoth (19.00 warranty: 1-Year Vendor Warranty, enter Quantity: Product Description the arc-1120 sata host controller or sata drive controller is a pci-x to sata 2 controller with 8-ports.

It offers Areca the advantage of reduced engineering and development costs, by having the New raid6 function build-in and integrated part saves on component costs and internal PCI tel emphasis on architectural commonality in IOPs allows Areca developers to capitalize on their existing code base.The 4/8 port Serial ATA raid Host adapter is low-profile PCI cards-ideal for 1U or 2U rack-mount system.» » available Options: Cable Option: No Cablessata to sata Cable(s) (12.00)sata to SFF-8087 Cable(s) (15.00).On.75W max.The ARC-11XX Serial ATA ll raid host adapter is a high-performance PCI-X bus to sata ll Disk Array host adapter.This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests and not a robot.ARC-1160ML, aRC-1170, host Bus Type.Even though it is a pci-x sata raid, it can work with pci slots also so no difference from 4 port pci card.
The controller can provide up to 4, 8, 12, 16 or 24 sata ll peripheral devices on a single host adapter.